Computer Service & Support

Geek Squad has nothing on BrainStorm Joe!

computer_service_repairWe’ve all been there at one time. Your printer stopped working, the speakers won’t play anymore, or you accidentally used your CD-Drive as a cup-holder… I can solve your problems.

What can I do for you?

Virus and Spyware Removal
Beef Up PC Security and Performance
Home Networking (Wired or Wireless)
Hardware Installation
Computer Set-Up
Printer / Scanner / Fax Set-Up
Data Back-Up and Recovery
Software Installation and Troubleshooting
Technology Consultation
Custom Built “Hot-Rod” Computers
Pretty much anything else that can be done on a computer

What makes me different?

Most computer repair shops make you lug your system in and then hit you with a ‘diagnostic’ fee just to find out what’s wrong. Not only can I make house-calls, but I don’t charge a diagnostic fee. In my opinion, any self-respecting computer nerd should know what the problem is without spending hours ‘diagnosing’.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I am so confident of my abilities, that if I can not produce a solution to your problem, you owe me nothing. Try getting that deal anywhere else.